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What Are the Latest Trends in Window Coverings?

The latest interior design trends for window coverings include layering window treatments and using woven woods and other organic textures.

Custom Drapery with Roman Shades
Custom Drapery with Roman Shades

If you're looking for the perfect window treatment for your home, remember that your blinds and drapes should enhance your space and tie all your design choices together. Don't follow a trend unless it works with your space.

If you're doing a renovation, work with an expert who can design the blinds and drapery for your home. In addition, having your window treatments installed professionally is vital if you want to achieve the perfect fit. Getting a clean look is tricky unless you know what you're doing. Professionals will measure all your windows so the installers can achieve a perfect finish.

Hunter Douglas is the top manufacturer of blinds and shades in North America, so we recommend looking for a Hunter Douglas Dealer and Showroom in your city.

What is the most popular window treatment today?

Based on the latest interior design trends, today's most popular window treatment is layering woven woods and drapery.

Woven woods are Roman shades crafted from organic materials. They gather in layers at the top of the window, providing a decorative and natural appearance. Opting for a wood grain tone adds texture to the space and creates an organic feel. Woven wood blinds pair well with drapery.

When you layer window coverings, you can create warmth and texture in a space. Blinds and drapery can also help you achieve better light control.

Custom Drapery with Roman Shades
Woven Woods Layered with Decorative Side Panels

What kind of drapery should I layer with woven wood blinds?

When considering what type of drapery to layer with woven wood blinds, both simple side panels and other forms of drapery work well.

A side panel is a type of drape that remains open, serving mainly as a decorative element to frame the window and soften its appearance. Alternatively, you can opt for operable drapery that can be closed for privacy.

Many designers recommend using textured, semi-transparent woven wood blinds as a sheer layer beneath drapery that can block out light completely. This layering approach allows you to achieve a blend of functionality—light filtering, privacy, and total darkness—while also enhancing the room's aesthetic appeal.

You usually can't get everything you want out of one blind, so if you can layer, you can get greater functionality and also it looks prettier.

Custom Drapery with Blinds
You can create a layered look with any combination of blinds and drapes. You don't have to stick to organic materials.

How to Design Layered Window Treatments

To design the right layered window treatments for your space, first start with your light control and privacy needs.

Then, consider whether motorization is essential to you. Next, look at your space and decide on what types of blinds and drapes will help you achieve the aesthetic you desire.

  1. How much light filtering do you need?

  2. Do you need energy efficiency for a hot or cold climate?

  3. Is privacy important to you?

  4. Do your drapes need to be functional, or can they be decorative?

  5. Do you want your window treatments to blend with your existing décor or make a statement?

Light Control

If you are aiming to create a full blackout in your space, then you'll want to combine blinds with drapes that run wall-to-wall or at least 6 inches past the edge of the window frame. You'll get the best blackout when you combine blinds and drapes.

If you need light filtering to create softer, more diffuse light in a space that's very sunny, then you may wish to use a sheer drape, solar shade, or honeycomb shade.

Energy Efficiency

Honeycomb shades reduce heating and electrical bills by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If you have plenty of north-facing windows, they are a no-brainer.


Keep in mind that most shades are not opaque. Decide how much privacy you desire and then choose shades that can block the view into your home at night when your lights are on.

Soft Sheers
Sheers allow for privacy and gently soften the light entering your space.

10 Window Covering Trends That Are Going Strong

1 - Cellular Shades for Energy Efficiency

If any space in your home seems to get too hot or too cold during the year, cellular shades may be for you. And if you want to save on your heating and electrical bills, these shades will help over the long term. Energy-efficient window treatments have gained popularity due to their ability to insulate homes against heat and cold while also adding to the design aesthetic of a space and providing privacy and light filtering.

Cellular shades, distinguished by their honeycomb-shaped cells, are designed to trap air and provide insulation. This innovative structure reduces heat transfer, maintaining indoor temperatures and reducing energy costs—they're a stylish, functional choice for enhancing energy efficiency in any space.

2 - Solar Roller Shades for UV Protection

Solar roller shades are crafted to offer protection against harmful UV rays while preserving outdoor views. Their light-filtering capabilities prevent glare and fading of interior furnishings without sacrificing natural light. Ideal for spaces exposed to direct sunlight, they blend functionality with sleek, modern design.

3 - Cordless Window Coverings

Cordless window coverings prioritize safety and clean aesthetics. Eliminating cords not only creates a safer environment for children and pets but also offers a streamlined look. This design innovation applies to blinds and shades, ensuring easy operation with a simple push or pull.

In addition, motorized cordless blinds are a wonderful way for homeowners with large windows or many windows to control their light filtering throughout the day.

cordless window coverings
Cordless window coverings lend a modern and clean look to your home.

4 - Window Treatments Integrated with Your Smart Home

Smart window treatments integrate with home automation systems, offering convenience and enhanced functionality. Users can adjust shades or blinds remotely via smartphone apps or voice commands, optimizing natural light and privacy. This trend marries technology with interior design, reflecting the evolution of modern living.

5 - Modern Window Treatments and Drapery

Modern window treatments and drapery focus on minimalism and clean lines. Using a mix of textures, fabrics, and innovative designs, they complement contemporary decor while providing functionality. This trend leans towards uncluttered aesthetics, with an emphasis on light control, privacy, and ease of use.

Custom Drapery
Custom Drapery by Fresh Design Blinds in Vancouver

6 - Roman Shades Made from Woven Woods

Roman shades made from woven woods bring a natural, organic element to interiors. These shades combine the classic functionality of Roman shades with the unique textures and patterns of natural materials. They offer a tactile aesthetic that enhances warmth and adds a layer of natural beauty to any room.

7 - Natural Materials and Colours

The movement towards window blinds made from natural materials such as bamboo, linen, and wood in window treatments is strong. These materials bring warmth and organic beauty into the living space, complementing interior designs with natural colours and textures that create a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

Woven Woods Blinds
Use Hunter Douglas Woven Woods to add an organic feeling and texture to your space.

8 - Layered Window Treatments

Layering different types of window coverings adds depth and versatility to interior designs. Combining sheer drapery with blackout linings or layering Roman shades with curtains enables more control over light and privacy while also adding visual interest and texture to rooms.

9 - Personal Style and Functionality

Today's Window, treatments offer a wide range of styles, patterns, and fabrics, allowing for personal expression in home decor. From minimalist designs to bold patterns, homeowners can choose options that reflect their style and meet their functional needs, whether it's light control, privacy, or enhancing a room's acoustics.

Blinds and Curtains
Layering creates a softer more beautiful look.

10 - Battery Powered Motorized Blinds for Clean and Easy Installation

If it's not possible to hardwire your blinds, you may wish to consider battery-powered motorized blinds by Hunter Douglas. Your blinds can operate on a single charge for up to one year. Depending on how much you open and close the blinds, the battery charge will last from 6-12 months. When it comes time to recharge the battery, removing it from the blinds is super simple. The cordless power wand is hidden in the headrail of the blinds and is easy to remove.

And it takes just 3 hours to charge the power to full power.

Hunter Douglas battery-powered blinds allow you to have motorized blinds even if you can't hardwire them.

Let's Review

These interior design trends indicate a shift towards more personalized, functional, and technologically integrated window treatments, reflecting broader trends in home decor and interior design.

When deciding on window treatments, consider how they will enhance and integrate with your home's design. If you're renovating or seeking a fresh look, consulting with a design expert or window treatments specialist can ensure your window coverings blend seamlessly with your decor. Professional installation is crucial for achieving a perfect, clean appearance, as experts will measure your windows to ensure an ideal fit.

Hunter Douglas is a leading manufacturer in North America for premium blinds, shades, and shutters, so finding a local dealer is a smart choice. If you're in Vancouver, visit Fresh Design Blinds's Hunter Douglas Showroom to view the full range of blinds, including woven woods.

The trend towards layered window treatments, combining elements like woven wood blinds with drapery, is popular because it can add warmth, texture, and efficient light control.

When designing layered window treatments:

  • Start with your functional needs (light control, privacy, energy efficiency).

  • Consider motorization for convenience, especially for large or numerous windows.

  • Choose styles that complement or enhance your space, whether you aim for them to stand out or blend in.

Remember, achieving the desired level of light control, energy efficiency, and privacy depends on the right combination of materials and designs. For instance, combining blinds with drapery can create a full blackout effect or softer light filtering, depending on your needs. Honeycomb shades are excellent for energy efficiency, especially in challenging climates.

Consider some of these key trends when designing your window treatments:

  • Energy-efficient cellular shades reduce heat transfer.

  • Cordless and motorized options enhance safety and convenience.

  • Smart window treatments offer advanced control through home automation.

  • Modern designs emphasize elegance and functionality.

  • Natural materials in designs like woven wood Roman shades add organic beauty.

For installations where wiring isn't feasible, Hunter Douglas battery-powered motorized blinds provide a neat solution with easy recharging options.

Finally, selecting window treatments is about balancing aesthetics with functionality. By staying informed about the latest trends and considering your unique needs, you can choose window coverings that not only look great but also contribute to a comfortable and convenient home environment.

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You can turn any room into a sanctuary of style and comfort when you find just the right window blinds or drapery. If you live in West Van, North Van, or Vancouver, let the blinds and drapery experts at Fresh Design help you find the perfect window covering solutions for your space.

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