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Solar Shades

Solar shades offer the perfect combination of light filtering and energy efficiency for your Vancouver home. 

Our Hunter Douglas solar shades are made from specially designed fabric that helps filters out harmful UV rays while preserving your view and reducing glare. Solar shades are popular on large windows as they can reach a large maximum width.

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Sun Shades Keep the Heat Outdoors

Fresh Design offers Hunter Douglas solar shades designed with advanced materials and technology to effectively keep some of the heat outdoors.


Our solar shades enhance comfort and help with energy efficiency in your home.


If you'd like to reduce your energy consumption and diffuse the glare of direct sunlight, solar shades may be the right choice for your space.

solar shades - literise - 2023 DRS LR Urban Loft Hues Kids Room Detail.jpeg
solar shades - semi opaque - 2023 DRS Fabric Colors Detail.jpeg

In over 150 colour choices and fabrics, you’ll be able to find what you need to suit your space. 

Let Your View Shine with Sleek Window Coverings

At Fresh Design we carry Hunter Douglas solar shades that are made from specially engineered fabrics, tightly woven to absorb, block, and reflect sunlight while still allowing your gorgeous view to shine.


This reflection process helps maintain cooler interior temperatures.

Designer Roller Shades with UV Protection

Solar shades, also known as sun shades or solar blinds, are a specific type of roller shade designed primarily to block out some of the UV rays and reduce glare and heat from the sun while allowing you to enjoy your view.

Designer roller shades combine the practicality of traditional blinds with the elegance of modern design. Available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, our sleek roller shades can be customized to enhance any interior.

solar shade - powerview - alustra collection - 2022_WT_Roller_Arusha_Living_Room_Medium_De

Alustra Woven Textures, Designer Roller Shades - PowerView Motorization

duloite - solar shade - 2022_WT_Roller_Arusha_Duolite_Liner_Partially_Closedtiff.jpeg

You can choose dual opacity sheers that allow you to light in more or less light.  You can opt for room darkening or allow more light to enter your space. 

Excellent Customer Service

I would highly recommend the excellent customer service I received from Kristy and the installers. Efficient from start to finish. I love my new HD honeycomb blinds with Powerview remote!

-Hisami Yamamoto, Vancouver

We Love Our New Blinds

Vanessa and her team at Fresh Design provided exceptional service, advice, and installation. After ordering, we wanted some changes and Vanessa was able to make it happen without any fuss. The installer Scott and his assistant did a great job. We love our new blinds and highly recommend this business.


-Ellen Wilcox, Vancouver

Faster than Expected

Jayden was extremely helpful in helping me find my new window coverings. The installation was faster then expected as well. I would definitely recommend Fresh Design.


-Riley Allan, Vancouver

Explore a variety of solar shade options to meet your specific needs for UV protection, light control, and energy efficiency. Whether you prefer manual or motorized, there's a solar shade that fits perfectly with your lifestyle and aesthetic.

Motorized Solar Shades

Solar_Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades_2018_SON_PV_Living Room.jpeg
2023 DRS Sawgrass Lg Sq Cassette Detail.jpeg

Motorized solar shades offer a seamless experience, enabling you to adjust light filtering and privacy settings with the touch of a button.


Ideal for modern living spaces, motorized solar shades provide both functionality and a dash of technological sophistication. 


Combine with a Smart Home System for the ultimate in home convenience. For homeowners with large windows, this is the perfect solution.

Solar Shade Options

Solar Window Shades for Your Bedroom

BEFORE - solar shades - 2023 DRS SKY PV Fayetteville Bedroom Before.jpeg
AFTER- solar shades - 2023 DRS SKY PV Fayetteville Bedroom After.jpeg

Solar window shades in the bedroom can provide everyday comfort by minimizing morning glare and keeping your room cool while preserving your beautiful view.


However, when using solar shades in the bedroom, you may wish to add custom drapery to achieve the ultimate nighttime blackout and enhanced privacy.

Alternatively, cellular blinds can give you the light filtering, UV protection, and additional privacy you may require in your bedroom.

Hunter Douglas PowerView Remote

Power View_Archive_2017_App_Iphone_Automations1.jpeg
motorization - pebble remote

The Hunter Douglas PowerView Remote allows for precise control of your shades from anywhere in the room.


The innovative pebble-shaped remote makes it easy to adjust your window treatments to align with changing sunlight patterns throughout the day.


Don't forget that you can also use your motorized sun shades with the Hunter Douglas app to schedule your blinds to open and close automatically every day.

Choose the Right Colour and Fabric for Your Shades

Selecting the right colour for your shades is important if you want to achieve a cohesive and harmonious look in your space.


The colour of your blinds really does matter. Our design experts will help you pick the right fabric so that your blinds work perfectly with your home's colour palette and design style.


Fabrics are rated in percents. A 10% fabric will give you the most view through while a 1% fabric will give you more privacy. Our most popular fabric choice is 5% as it allows a combination of view through and light control.

solar shades 2023 DRS Fabric Colors Patterns Hanging Detail.jpeg

Roller shades come in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns with varying degrees of opacity to suit your needs.

Compare Your Light Filtering Options

Assessing your light filtering options involves comparing different materials to find the perfect balance between brightness and privacy.


Each type of solar shade offers unique benefits, whether you prioritize maximum sunlight or need to reduce glare or enhance privacy significantly.

We recommend visiting the showroom to see all the fabric and light filtering options in person.

solar shade 2023 DRS PV Dual Roller All The Rage Detail.jpeg

Semi-Opaque, Semi-Sheer in Spun Silver, Gunmetal

Designer Screen Shades, Skyline, PowerView Automation, Openness 4%, Inside Mount

Combine Solar Shades with Custom Drapery

Pairing solar shades with custom drapery can elevate the functionality and elegance of your window treatments, providing layers of texture and increased privacy. This combination allows for greater light control while also giving your space a softer feeling.

Alternatives to Solar Shades

If you are looking for the best blind for energy efficiency cellular blinds will offer a much higher rating than Solar Shades. Cellular blinds are the most energy efficient blinds available and a great alternative to solar shades.


Solar Shades can stop up to 25% of the heat from coming through. However, cellular blinds like the Duette Honeycomb blind can stop up to 80% of the heat and are at the top of the charts for energy efficiency.


Combine honeycomb shades with drapes for functionality and energy efficiency.

Honeycomb Blinds_2021_Duette_EE_LivingRoom_Woman.jpeg

Duette Honeycomb Blinds stop up to 80% of the heat from entering your home.

Visit our Kitsilano showroom to speak with a design expert who can help you select the best system for your home. 

Common Questions about Solar Shades

What kind of maintenance is required for solar shades?

Solar shade maintenance is relatively simple; regular dusting or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment usually keeps them clean. For deeper cleans, most solar shades can be wiped down with a damp cloth, ensuring they always look fresh and remain functional.

Are solar shades worth the investment?

Solar shades have so many benefits that for most homeowners they are well worth the investment. For anyone working at computer screens in north-facing rooms, solar shades can make a huge difference in productivity.


You won't be fighting glare or forced to work in the darkest corner of your office. Solar Shades can give privacy and light filtering while enhancing the aesthetic of your space.

Solar_Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades_2020_SON_PV_Ainsley_Kitchen Table_Med Detail.jpeg
Solar_Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades_2018_SON_PV_Living Room.jpeg

How much are solar shades and solar blinds?

The cost of solar shades and solar blinds can vary widely depending on the size of the windows, the quality of the materials, and additional features like motorization. When it comes to blinds, you get what you pay for, so we recommend investing in the best blinds your budget allows.

The price of a single Hunter Douglas solar shade can vary significantly based on several factors, including:

  • the size of the window

  • the material and fabric you have selected

  • custom features like motorization

  • the particular collection or design

For quality blinds, expect prices to start at around $250 for a single shade. Prices may be $1,000 or more per shade for larger sizes and more advanced features like motorized controls.

For an accurate quote tailored to your specific requirements, it's best to visit the Fresh Design Showroom in Kits. You'll be able to see all the fabric options as well as the other window treatments. You can then request an in-home consultation or quote based on your window measurements and desired features.

What company makes the best solar shades?

Hunter Douglas is widely regarded as one of the top companies for solar shades due to their quality materials, innovative designs, and extensive range of options.

What's the difference between roller shades and roller screens?

Hunter Douglas has two collections to choose from: Designer Roller Shades and Designer Roller Screens.


Designer Roller Shades are made up of polyester fabrics that have more texture, patterns and give more privacy.


Designer Roller Screens are made up of vinyl blends that are a specially designed fabric that allows for view through. Both collections have fabrics that create a modern design.


Most recently Hunter Douglas launched the Duolite Designer Roller Shade which has two fabrics in one design. The front fabric is a sheer fabric for view through while the back fabric allows for privacy and light control.

How can I make sure my blinds fit perfectly into my window frame?

To ensure your blinds fit perfectly, accurate measurement is key. As part of Fresh Design's White Glove Service, our expert installers will do a check-measure to ensure that your measurements are exactly right.

Do solar shades provide privacy? Can you see through solar shades at night?

Solar shades do offer some privacy during the day—you can see out, but it's harder for people to see in.


However, at night, if you have lights on inside, people outside can see through the shades.


If you need more privacy at night, you might consider adding a liner or pairing the shades with custom drapery for fuller coverage.

Solar shades are often used in areas where privacy is less critical, such as kitchens, living rooms, home offices and sunrooms, rather than in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Do solar shades block UV rays?

Yes, solar shades are specifically designed to block some UV rays. However, woven products like cellular shades and silhouettes rated higher for UV protection and heat control and energy efficiency.

2023 DRS Sawgrass Lg Sq Cassette Detail.jpeg

The check-measure is an important part of Fresh Design's White-Glove Service and installation process.

Solar Shades Design Inspiration

Our range of window coverings include roller blinds, motorized blinds, cellular blindssun shades, blackout blinds, Roman shades, sheer shades, and organic styles such as woven wood textures
solar shade 2023 DRS PV Eastbourne Living Room.jpeg
Solar Shade_LiteRise_2023 DRS LR Swinton Sitting Room.jpeg
Solar Shades Vancouver - Hunter Douglas Sun Shades 2.jpeg
roller shades solar shades 2023 DRS PV Nyla Living Room Office.jpeg
solar shades vertical blinds 2023 SKY PV Yorkshire Living Room.jpeg
Elevate your home and reflect your style with blinds tailored to your needs and taste.

Visit Fresh Design Blinds on West 4th Ave

Why visit the showroom? When you visit us in-person you'll have a chance to see the wide range of blinds and pick the perfect window treatments for your home. With over 150 colour choices and fabrics, it's helpful to see all your options in person.


Your needs and how you interact with your space is personal. Each blinds system comes with different lifting and light filtering options. You can try out each system at our showroom and speak with a design consultant about your space. 


1703 West 4th Ave

Vancouver, BC

V6J 1M2

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 10 to 5

Sat: 11 to 4

Closed on Sundays.


Meet with a design consultant.

Schedule an in-home consultation so we can get precise measurements and make sure you get the light control and features you need.

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