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Vanessa Zawadsky - Fresh Design Blinds & Drapery - Vancouver BC

“Canadian business that is giving the American box stores a run for their money.”

I had to start selling blinds somewhere and what better place to learn the trade than to work for a large box store. I can still remember the 30-minute training video that I watched and the encyclopedia instruction manual that I never read. To be honest, I was shocked that they had even hired me, I had no experience at all, there wasn’t a face to face interview, in fact, I was hired by the American head office via phone interview.

Well needless to say it was a rocky first year. The scary part I wasn’t alone. There was a team of us misfits so the customers not only had to deal with me but the installer assigned to me was probably going to fall off his ladder.

Here was the daily protocol:

Customer calls in to have a ‘designer’ sent out to provide free consult. Designer comes stumbling through the door. The designer is there to close the sale and will try to find a product that you are comfortable with buying instantly. Designer drives away with your signature never to be seen again.

Fresh Design Blinds Hunter Douglas Dealer Vancouver BC Store
Blinds By Hunter Douglas Dealer Fresh Design Blinds & Drapes Vancouver BC Store

The truth is I felt horrible doing this. I was never required to follow up with customers and I never once saw what the products looked like in the house or whether the customer was happy with them. Not to mention the paperwork trail. My order went through a lot of hands. It was similar to the game of telephone where you whisper one thing in a person’s ear and by the time the last person says it, you’ve got a completely different story.

Three years into it I quit. I took a design course, scouted the lower mainland for the top installers and opened up my own Independent company in an attempt to compete against the giant box stores.

Fast-forward ten years later here I am still in the shadow of the giants but I’m winning. I give my customers the best customer service they have ever seen. I know what price point to be at, in order to compete with the box stores. I also have a lot of experience. In fact not to brag but I’ve gone from Rookie to Specialist. Hunter Douglas nominated me to specialize in motorized blinds and run several Showcase stores.

Blinds store near me.
Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds Vancouver BC Store

The best part is that my customers are going to a have a fantastic experience buying from a Canadian business that is giving the American box stores a run for there money.

We are an amazing team of designers and installers who are experts in window coverings. Give us a call today 778.552.1990 or come and visit our Vancouver showroom.

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