Expo 67

The Smart House

“Technology in your home is here to stay!”

As a designer, I get a chance to go into a lot of interesting houses. From shacks to mansions I’m never really sure what house that I will roll up to. However, a West Vancouver address usually promises to impress and last week my jaw hit the floor as I entered the most interesting home yet. My clients said that it was the “house of the future” at Expo 1967; which is an exciting thought to process. What were architects expecting in 1967?

Well, the house featured three elements that every West Coast Contemporary home has: concrete, glass and wood beams. It was also built in a shape that would keep the main level warm in the winter without using electricity. I found the house to have an ultra modern feel however it was missing probably the biggest defining factor of the last fifteen years: technology.

In my profession technology has transformed the entire way that I think about the home. My clients want it all, electric blinds, solar sensors, and home automation systems. During a recent consultation with a client, he asked us if we could program the blinds to close while lights in the media room dimmed, all while he simply turned the television on. That was easy, we even programmed the light in the kitchen and bathroom to turn on when he paused his movie. We are prepared for everything. In fact, we even have an APP for that.

The fantastic part about this technology revolution is that electric blinds have become completely affordable. While most expect that this experience is saved for only the super wealthy it is quite the opposite, in fact, the cost of adding a motor to a new blind has gone from thousands to hundreds of dollars in the last two years. While you may think may think that electric blinds are for lazy people I only ask when is the last time you got up to change the channel? Even the window covering industry has added the ‘smart theme’ into our everyday life. We have smartphones and smart houses, which are all ways that technology simplifies our life.

So while Expo 1967’s House of the Future missed the mark of technology I can’t help to wonder what will the house of 2055 include? Well I know one thing for sure. In my future, all blinds will be electric.

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