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Did you know investing in the right window treatments could save you money? Did you know you could have privacy and ambient lighting at the same time thanks again to window treatments?

As it turns out, window coverings have come a long way in the past 30 years. Gone are the days of plastic blinds that get bent out of shape and heavy drapes that catch layer after layer of dust. Now, you can make your home more beautiful, safer for your lungs, and save on monthly energy bills thanks to window treatments for daylighting.

What is daylighting anyway?

Daylighting is the process of using natural light in the best way possible in order to minimize the use of artificial light.

How do window treatments create a daylighting effect?

If you’re more accustomed to older styles of blinds and draperies, you might not know the benefits of installing window treatments that support daylighting. While older fixtures were excellent at keeping light out, there was no way to regulate how much light entered in. Now, window treatments are designed in several ways, all with the intention to diffuse natural light, reduce any glare, and extend sunlight further into your home.

Daylighting affects more than just interior lighting

The way that daylighting window treatments are engineered varies depending on a variety of things, such as the level of light desired or the design to best match your interior aesthetics. But, some of the best aspects that are inherently built into window treatments that support daylighting include two key things:

  • This is achieved by using thin layers of fabric in a variety of ways and shapes, allowing light in through a light veil of fabric while blurring the visible contents of the interior of your home. Other ways this is achieved is through top-down blinds or top-down/bottom-up options, all meant to give you the option of having light without sacrificing privacy.
  • Energy efficiency. Modern blinds can help you save on your next energy bill by keeping heat in or out. Treatments with heavier fabrics or more layers are great for insulation. They are designed to keep the cold out and heat in during winter, and they have the opposite effect during the summer months. Lighter, more transparent options also act to control solar heat by allowing natural light in while keeping the sun’s powerful rays at bay, protecting your family from harsh UV light and keeping the cost of air conditioning down.
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What kind of window treatments should I consider?

There are several companies that make daylighting window treatments, but the leading brand specializing in this area is Hunter Douglas.

As a result of the 1970s energy crisis, Hunter Douglas shifted their focus towards creating energy-saving window treatments. Although they have a wide selection of more than 18 different styles of blinds, their latest innovation boasts the greatest level of energy efficiency yet by building on their initial concept of creating a honeycomb shape. With this honeycomb design nestled within another matching honeycomb, the Duette Architella Honeycomb blinds provide an extra layer of insulation and have the option of a “top-down/bottom-up” effect. But, unlike the first version of this style, the extra layer is part of each honeycomb, and, when layered together, it regulates temperature at the highest level yet.

While the Duette Architella Honeycomb blinds are focus on energy savings, other styles, such as the Silhouette Window Shadings, offer an S-shaped design meant for creating the perfectly diffused ambient lighting with powerful UV ray protection. Hunter Douglas options also include budget-friendly options, like the Nantucket Window Shadings, as well as others like Luminette Privacy Sheers that focus primarily on protection. Whatever your fancy, there is an option for you.

Where to find the best daylighting window coverings in Vancouver

If you live in the Vancouver area, chances are you love the outdoors and, of course, lots of natural lighting! If you’re interested in energy savings, privacy, and interior design, there are Hunter Douglas licensed dealers right in your area. For the best selection and the best team to help you choose the best treatments for your space and needs, contact Fresh Design Blinds and Drapery. These experts will consult with you on the perfect blinds for your budget and style, guaranteed to help make your house a home.

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