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Motorization Update from 2018/2019

“Motorization isn’t a luxury item.”

Rewind 10 years ago to 2008 and remember what type of cell phone that you carried around. I had a “Motorola Razr”. The first of the flip phones but at the time it was revolutionary. There was a rumour about ‘smartphones’ but no one believed a phone could take photos, play music and send emails.

That same year I landed my first big motorized window covering job. Over 100 windows so it was super exciting. 2 major things that I remember…. First the motors for the blinds at the time were between $1000-$2000 EACH which is a lot of money. Secondly the technology was in the Stone Age.

Motorized Blinds By Hunter Douglas Vancouver BC Store
Motorized Blinds By Hunter Douglas Vancouver BC Store

Fast forward 10 years and things have changed for the better. The cost of motorized blinds is a fraction of what it was back then and options endless. Blinds can be programmed to open at different times of day depending on the weather, season or the individual user.

As well, motorization isn’t a luxury item. Motorized blinds have become 50% of our sales because the price is right and the options are endless. Motorized blinds mean no cords which is much safer for children and pets. As well, blinds can be programmed to close at the hottest or coldest times of the day. Saving money on heating and air-conditioning cost.

Motorized Blinds By Hunter Douglas Vancouver BC Store
Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds Vancouver BC Store

And if you had any hesitations on adding motorization to your next set of new window coverings the interesting part is that the motors extend the life of your blind. Currently, our number one service call is Broken Cord Loops NOT broken motors. In fact, we rarely see a motorized blind that we can’t troubleshoot through a quick email. So let the little motor do the work and upgrade to motorization. Motorized blinds are the future and the good news is you can finally afford them.

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