30 11, 2018

Motorized Blinds


Motorization Update from 2018/2019 "Motorization isn’t a luxury item." Rewind 10 years ago to 2008 and remember what type of cell phone that you carried around. I had a “Motorola Razr”. The first of the flip [...]

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1 11, 2018

Who’s selling you your blinds?


Boutique Blind Store vs American Big Box Store "Canadian business that is giving the American box stores a run for their money." I had to start selling blinds somewhere and what better place to learn [...]

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4 10, 2018

Buying Blinds At The The Big Box Stores


Big Box Stores For Blinds & Window Coverings "Considering buying your blinds at a big box store?" When the Big Box Stores started popping up across the lower mainland I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. I [...]

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1 09, 2018

Did Drapery Make a Comeback?


Did Drapery Make A Comeback I think it was the 80’s that pushed drapery into a coma for the next 20 years. A sudden overdose of balloon valances, ruffles, and horrible floral prints closed the door [...]

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