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“Considering buying your blinds at a big box store?”

When the Big Box Stores started popping up across the lower mainland I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure how my Independent business could compete with the giant box store. However, several years later I’ve learned that the Big Box Stores are not the enemy at all and here’s why.

Home Depot brought in the “cut down aisle”. The concept of the cut down isle is that customers can go in with measurements and a friendly staff member in an orange apron would cut down the blind to the desired width. The customer would walk away with the blinds in hand and happily go home and install them.

This concept was terrifying for anyone in my industry because Home Depot was able to instantly satisfy customer’s need for blinds and at a lower price than I could offer. However, my phone continued to ring and I actually started finding myself at a series of appointments with customers who had experienced the cut down isle first hand.

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So everything I learned about these blinds was from the customers themselves. Here’s what they said and here’s what I saw:

1. The cut down isle faux wood blinds are actually white plastic slats.

2. Plastic is heavy. If these blinds are over a certain height you can’t pull them up.

3. When you try to pull them up and the cord breaks the blind is garbage. Unfortunately, there aren’t replacement parts for any of the blinds mechanisms so broken blinds end up the landfill.

4. The blinds are made at a certain height and width so they are always too long. Customers are expected to take the slats out of the bottom when they get home. I learned for wives that 90% of husbands can’t figure out how to do this and so the slats end up staying there forever.

5. The blinds are also all made wider that you may need them so there are a lot of ladders. Ladders connect the slats and give the blind support but they also block your view.

Here’s what I can offer against the giant box store.

1. The faux wood blinds I carry aren’t made from plastic. Instead, they are made from polymer and wood dust, which makes the blind lighter to pull up.

2. If the blinds break they have a lifetime warranty.

3. I send professional installers to measure so that all of the blinds are custom fit.

4. Because the blinds are custom made they have half as many ladders which means a much better view through.

5. The blinds that I sell are slightly more expensive. The cut-down isle blind that is $170 will cost you $238 for a custom Hunter Douglas blind.

Custom Blinds By Hunter Douglas Dealer Fresh Design Blinds & Drapery
Custom Blinds Vancouver BC Store

In the end, the great thing about my big competitor is that it’s really no secret about quality. They aren’t trying to pass these blinds off as anything more than what they are. The blinds are cheap, literally. So the question is how often do you want to shop for blinds every year or once every fifteen years?

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