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  1. Benjamin Moore announced it’s color of the year to stay in the neutrals with Metropolitan Grey. The great thing about a neutral paint palette is it allows us to throw in a pops of trendy colours or prints to jazz things up. A pair of fun or bold drapery panels can quickly change the room from season to season.
  2. Maxwell Fabrics most popular fabric of the season is a white fabric with a pattern of a navy coloured feather.  A subtle print that can go a long way on the right pair of drapes and navy is always a classic look to complement a neutral colour palette.
  3. Kravet has a gorgeous collection of grey textured fabrics and prints to pair with Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan Grey.  One fun design tip is to choose a variety of patterns in the same color palette for couch cushions.  It’s all about variety and customizing a look that is unique to you.

4. Wallpaper trends are classic and traditional scenes that may transport you back to another time or place.  Consider using a wallpaper in a powder room that sets a magical mood like this Kravet Wallpaper where monkeys roam the city of Venice.

5. Drapery Hardware trends have scaled back to simplicity and function.  Trends seem to be moving towards square tracks and minimal finials.   Brushed Stainless is still the trending hardware color choice.

6. Motorized Blinds are expected to keep jumping to the top in sales.  With the new child safety laws coming to eliminate dangling cords motorization will become the number one choice.  Hunter Douglas has introduced a variety of price points including ‘soft touch’ a very affordable way to motorize blinds.

Whether upgrading your window coverings to enjoy with your family or to increase the resale value of your home, choosing the right products makes all the difference. Alex Irish – Sotheby’s Real Estate

Vancouver blinds store & wall coverings store - wallpaper trend
Maxwell Fabrics fabric of the year - Vancouver BC blinds store

7. Energy Efficient Shades will continue to top the charts.  Hunter Douglas’s Duette Architella Blind leads the way in controlling the heat and cold from escaping or entering through windows.  Saving on energy bills and creating a smarter home.

8. Hunter Douglas Providence Woven Woods will give clients a more natural looking shade.  With a movement away from vinyl and plastic window coverings, consumers search for a more organic solution.  Adding an independent liner to these shades allow clients to have a view through or privacy.

9. While the  “classic white hotel” look for bedding has always been the number one choice, this year we see some natural colors coming.  Soft greys or a natural linen color can help add a more warm and cozy look in your bedroom.  Come check out our linen bedding line where softness meets sustainability.

10. Drapery fabric choice is still linen, linen, and more linen. Linen is still the top requested fabric. We always recommend a fabric with a blend of 2 fabric types to help control wrinkles and give a crisp look.

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